Accepted Papers

Jean-Pierre Borel

Variants around the Bresenham Method

José Manuel Rodriguez Caballero

Symmetric Dyck paths and the Hooley's Δ-function

Julien Cassaigne, Sébastien Labbé and Julien Leroy

A Set of Sequences of Complexity 2n+1

Niccolò Castronuovo, Robert Cori and Sébastien Labbé

A Permutation on Words in a Two Letter Alphabet

Alan Cain and António Malheiro

Combinatorics of Cyclic Shifts in Plactic, Hypoplactic, Sylvester, and Related Monoids

David Clampitt and Thomas Noll

Matching Lexicographic and Conjugation Orders on the Conjugation Class of a Special Sturmian Morphism

Joel Day, Pamela Fleischmann, Florin Manea and Dirk Nowotka

Equations Enforcing Repetitions under Permutations

Paolo Dulio, Andrea Frosini, Simone Rinaldi, Lama Tarsissi, and Laurent Vuillon

First steps in the algorithmic reconstruction of digital convex sets

Sebastien Ferenczi, Christian Mauduit and Carlos Gustavo Moreira

The Word Entropy and How to Compute It

Gabriele Fici, Antonio Restivo and Laura Rizzo

Minimal Forbidden Factors of Circular Words

Daniel Gabric and Joe Sawada

A de Bruijn Sequence Construction by Concatenating Cycles of the Complemented Cycling Register

Idrissa Kaboré and Boucaré Kientéga

Abelian Complexity of Thue-Morse Word over a Ternary Alphabet

Mélodie Lapointe

Study of Christoffel classes: Normal Form and Periodicity

Sabrina Mantaci, Antonio Restivo, Giovanna Rosone and Marinella Sciortino

Burrows-Wheeler Transform and Run-Length Enconding

Jean Néraud and Carla Selmi

Invariance: a Theoretical Approach for Coding Sets of Words Modulo Literal (Anti)Morphisms

Pascal Ochem and Matthieu Rosenfeld

On some interesting ternary formulas

Olga Parshina

On Arithmetic Index in the Generalized Thue-Morse Word

Edita Pelantová and Štěpán Starosta

On Words with the Zero Palindromic Defect

Jarkko Peltomäki and Markus Whiteland

More on the Dynamics of the Symbolic Square Root Map

Aayush Rajasekaran, Narad Rampersad and Jeffrey Shallit

Overpals, Underlaps, and Underpals

Aleksi Saarela

Palindromic Length in Free Monoids and Free Groups