The conference topic is the study of words. The focus is on the theoretical point of view. In particular, the combinatorial, algebraic and algorithmic aspects are emphasized. Motivations may come from other domains such as theoretical computer science, bioinformatics, digital geometry, symbolic dynamics, numeration systems, text processing, number theory, etc...

The conference program includes five plenary talks and also contributed communications selected by the program committee.

Important dates

Paper Submission May 5, 2017
Acceptance Notification June 1, 2017
Camera-ready Papers July 1, 2017
Conference September 11-15, 2017

This is the eleventh conference in the series initiated in 1997 in Rouen (France). Previous conferences were:

  • Words 1997Rouen (France)    [ TCS Special Issue ]
  • Words 1999Rouen (France)    [ TCS Special Issue ]
  • Words 2001,  Palermo (Italy)    [ TCS Special Issue ]
  • Words 2003Turku (Finland)    [ TCS Special Issue ]
  • Words 2005Montréal (Québec, Canada)    [ Proceedings ],    [ TCS Special Issue ]
  • Words 2007Marseille (France)
  • Words 2009Salerno (Italy)    [ TCS Special Issue ]
  • Words 2011Prague (Czech Republic)    [ EPTCS Proceedings ]    [ IJFCS Special Issue ]
  • Words 2013Turku (Finland)    [ LNCS Proceedings ],    [ TCS Special Issue ]
  • Words 2015,  Kiel (Germany)    [ LNCS Proceedings ]

  • If you are interested in the origins of combinatorics on words you can read this paper by Jean Berstel and Dominique Perrin or the Lothaire's "Combinatorics on Words" trilogy.
    Combinatorics on Words Algebraic Combinatorics on Words Applied Combinatorics on Words